Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The biggest District tournament - PG - Dec 4, 2010

Toledo Tournament- Dec 4th- PG Sports Complex -Biggest district tournament- 140 players plus many more spectators. Stann Creek players came to participate and Stann Creek and Cayo coaches came to assist Toledo Chess Association in running this spectacular event. It was a great chess day!

Congratulations to all the participating schools chess clubs: San Vicente R.C., Jalacte R.C., San Francisco de Geronimo, San Luis rey R.C, SAn Jose R.C, Aguacate R.C, Corazon Creek Technical High School, Sacred Heart R.C., Conejo, Indian Creek, San Miguel, Toledo Community College, Julian Cho Technical High, Little Flower R.C, Stann Creek Schools.

Results: Beginners section

10 and under : 1st- Isani Cal, 2nd- Eworth Ack, 3rd- Lensford Cus

11&12: 1st- Silvia Pan, 2nd - Everaldo Coh, 3rd - Jermin Coc

15 and under: 1st - Victor Ack, 2nd- Jason Rash, 3rd- Hector Cucul

Intermediate and advanced section:

10 and under : 1st- Ivan Pixabajl, 2nd- Kenrick Fransisco, 3rd- Amir Coc

11&12: 1st- Lloyd Augustine, 2nd - Evaristo Makin, 3rd - Teresita Rash

13& 14: 1st- Dolores Sho, 2nd - Tony Sho, 3rd - Estevan Coy

15 and under: 1st- Colleen Tate, 2nd- Fitzroy Chan, 3rd -Rick Pascasio

Adult section: 1st- Samuel Villata, 2nd- Rosana Chun, 3rd - Policarpo Cus

Special Thanks to the Toledo coaches:

Gloria Coc

Aurora Coc

James Cal

Adinaldo Requena

Evagrio Bol

Sheldon Ramirez

Javier Coy

Special Thanks to the Stann Creek and Cayo coaches:

Brian Chun

Debbie Chun

Pedro Pixabaj

Gabe Baron

Edgar Martinez

Darrel Smith

Special Thanks to the Volunteers:

Ismael Cardinez

Virginia Cus

Nicasio Sam

Raymond Sanchez

Adinaldo Requena

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