Thursday, January 24, 2013

Corozal and Toledo working together

Corozal and Toledo Christmas Cultural Exchange, Wildlife awareness through Chess
                                                   17th to 21st  December 2012                                                  
The first of its kind program went through successfully through the coordination of Mr. Humberto  Juarez and his team.
 Toledo started their journey 4:00am Monday 17th December 2012 with ten Players and  4 coaches, arriving at Santa Clara 10:00am, where the welcome address was made by Principal of the School Mr. Gilberto Perez.  We were dispatched to our different host families where were hosted with LOVE. The itinerary for the next four days were packed with chess, sports, talent, wildlife and cultural activities held in different areas of Corozal District.
Children and coaches of Toledo work hand in hand with the host district in sharing and teaching chess in a detailed and easy manner.
Each day activities were held at a different village this was to encourage parents to be active part of the program, 
Special Thanks to the organizers; Corozal Chess Association, Toledo Chess Association and The Belize National Youth Chess Foundation and to the parents who assisted.
Participating coaches were: - Corozal; Santa Clara/San Roman coach Gilberto Perez and Mrs Meriah Correa, Louisville – Mrs Faustita Hernadez,  Mr. Gregorio Moralez, Sarteneja – Mr. Evelio Tzul.  San Narciso – Mr. Omar Huitz and Mrs. Elvia Huitz and Mr. Humberto Juarez.   Junior Coaches Gilberto Perez Jr., Zyrian Juarez, Shajir Pech, Eyden Juarez,
Toledo; San Pedro Columbia, San Miguel, Big Falls.  Mr. Adinaldo Requena, Mrs. Darlene Arnold, Ms, Abigail Garcia and Jose Teul

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Toledo Chess Association Election

Elections for Toledo Chess Association held Friday November 30th 2012. Elected to serve for 2 years were:-

President - Jose Teul
Vice President - Adinaldo Requena
Secretary - Ms. Abigail Garcia
Treasurer - Mrs. Darlene Arnold
Assist Treasurer - Ms. Aurora Coc
Public Relations Officer - Sheldon Ramirez
Fund Raising Personnel - Francisco Ical
                                       Ms. Carolina Rash
                                       James Cal

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Toledo District Tournament

On February 18th 2012 the Toledo District Chess Association held their tournament to select those to go to the National Chess Olympiad in May.

There were 67 competitors who displayed ever increasing chess skills along with excellent sportsmanship. Toledo district continues to lead the way in numbers of players and of course the effort needed to travel to the tournament from distant villages.

A special thanks to those who made the tournament possible, parents, teachers, coaches alike.
The tournament was made possible by the sponsorship of Belize Telemedia Limited, the Belize National Youth Chess Foundation and Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Jungle Lodge.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Summer Camps 2011

Cuxlin Ha Resort 27-30 July 2011
The Chess camp had lots of activities including music, art and sport.

Award Ceremony
BDF Camp August 1st-5th
This camp had 48 participants. All the players learned so much about chess during the week as well as having many other fun activities.

Special thanks to;
Lt. Cowo from the BDF,
Cuxlin Ha Resort
The coaches who assisted;
Aurora Coc, Policarpio Cus, James Cal, Jr. Coach Hilberto and Machiver Choc